Cocktail Mixing Hacks Everyone Should Know

Many cocktail recipes call for sugar syrup, yet granulated sugar may be difficult to dissolve in cold drinks. Instead of spending money on an expensive syrup, why not use your maple syrup as the basis?

Measurements are of utmost importance when crafting cocktails; an out-of-balanced beverage could end up tasting bitter, sour, thin or overly sweet. A double jigger gives you greater control of your pours.

1. Use a rolling pin to crush ice

Crushed ice is essential to creating the perfect cocktails, yet can be difficult to produce properly. There are various methods for crushing ice, such as using a blender or food processor; however, they may not always produce optimal results. An easier method would be using a rolling pin; it is quick and effortless! Plus it produces attractive crushed ice that will complete your cocktail mix perfectly!

Rolling pins can also be used to smash herbs, spices and glassware. If your drink requires large quantities of ice to be crushed quickly and affordably, consider purchasing an ice crusher, which has been specially designed to do exactly this job faster and cheaper than using rolling pins alone.

For crushed ice with a rolling pin, place the cubes of ice in a plastic bag and tightly seal it before using a mallet or rolling pin to break up the ice cubes evenly across all areas. Take care not to over-crush as that could result in powdery texture that ruins any cocktail you create!

If you don’t own a Lewis bag, an alternate solution can be made from using a tea towel as a makeshift one. Simply spread out your towel on a work surface, add your ice cubes in the center, fold its edges around them to form a pouch shape and secure with rubber bands or similar devices before rolling a rolling pin over top to crush all that ice!

2. Use a mason jar as a shaker

One of the key tools in making cocktails is a cocktail shaker, as it ensures you get just the right flavor, temperature, and dilution when creating delicious drinks. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a professional-grade shaker – that’s okay – there are plenty of simple hacks you can use that will allow you to craft tasty cocktails without breaking the bank!

For those without access to a cocktail shaker, a mason jar can make an excellent alternative. Simply ensure it has been thoroughly cleansed prior to using, screw on its lid and add your ingredients before shaking for optimal results!

Make your cocktails truly stand out by creating homemade syrups yourself! This easy and cost-effective technique lets you customize flavors into your drinks with ease, plus is sure to impress guests when hosting parties!

Make homemade syrups easily! Simply combine equal parts sugar and water in a pot, heat until the sugar has fully dissolved, let cool before using in any cocktail of choice! From classic lemonade and iced tea recipes to unique combinations such as grapefruit margaritas and blood orange spritzers – there is sure to be something suitable!

Add an exciting and fun flair to your cocktails by making homemade grenadine yourself! It’s a straightforward process that takes only minutes; combine pomegranate juice and sugar for the refreshing drink you desire! For extra flair, garnish your drink with flamed orange peel – this bartender-approved trick will make them stand out and look beautiful!

3. Use a jigger

A successful cocktail requires the perfect balance of ingredients, which requires precise measurements. While you could use a scale to do this, most bartenders prefer using a tool designed specifically to measure volume known as a jigger instead; cocktail recipes will often specify this amount in terms of how many jiggers of liquor will be needed (ie “two jiggers of whiskey”). Utilizing this tool helps ensure you’re using enough ingredients while also eliminating having to start from scratch when something goes amiss!

Jiggers are metal tools with two unequal-sized cups or cones on either end, usually consisting of cups or cones marked as 1 1/2 ounces for one jigger and 1.5 ounces for half a jigger; depending on which model is selected, there may also be markings in both inches and milliliters to enhance convenience.

Use a jigger for precise pours: select your desired measurement and place it with its mark facing upward. Pour liquid into glass until level desired is reached; this helps prevent over-pouring that could otherwise lead to watery cocktails or overly strong beverages.

Order of ingredients addition is important for consistency and flavor. Sweeteners should be added last so they have time to mix with alcohol before being added into the mixture.

As you become more adept with using jiggers and other essential tools, you will discover it easier to craft balanced cocktails every time. With some practice, your drinks could look and taste just like they came straight out of a professional bartender’s studio!

4. Use a strainer

Strainers are among the most essential bartending techniques you should master, as it ensures every last drop of your drink makes its way into its destination glass without any unwanted debris like ice cubes, fruit pulp or debris making its way in.

Strainers are indispensable when creating cocktails featuring fresh juice. While pre-squeezed citrus juice may seem easier, it will usually produce weaker-tasting beverages because most packaged juices have lost some of their natural flavors over time. By taking the time and care necessary to juice your own citrus fruits yourself, you will produce cocktails with stronger flavors.

When shaking or stirring drinks, strainers must be used to ensure all the liquid lands in your serving vessel. They’re especially important when adding carbonated ingredients – their bubbles could otherwise end up trapped inside your shaker or mixing glass if you use only an open mesh strainer!

There are numerous types of strainers, and you should have at least two in your arsenal. Hawthorne strainers and julep strainers are popular choices and available from most liquor stores; tea strainers are another good option since they tend to be smaller and less costly than their Hawthorne counterparts while still performing an effective job at keeping out unwanted debris. You could also consider investing in an OXO fine mesh shaker which comes equipped with its own built-in strainer system.

5. Use pink sugar

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add some flair to your cocktails is with pink sugar. Easy to make at home, pink sugar makes an attractive garnish for any drink – simply wet the rim of your glass and dip it in it – its vibrant pink hue will shine through and its sweet flavor will add another element to the drink experience!

Make your own pink sugar by mixing white granulated sugar and red food coloring together in a mixing bowl until all the color has been evenly dispersed. Use this beautiful confection as a decorative sugar rim on glasses, drink garnishes or cake decorations! Besides use on cakes and pops it can even make an impressive statement at parties!

Pink sugar can be found at most grocery stores, but you can easily create your own at home! Simply combine equal parts granulated sugar and beet juice in a small saucepan and heat over low heat until the sugar has completely dissolved, then remove from the heat to let cool before using as desired to rim glasses or top drinks with vibrant pink-colored sprinkles.

Just a little practice can turn you into an expert bartender in no time! So the next time you host a party or make yourself a cocktail before proceeding to a game of online poker on any of the sites mentioned over, take note of these cocktail-making hacks to serve your guests delicious cocktails that they won’t soon forget! You’ll be glad you did.