Sweetened Key Lime Juice

Baseball legend, Lefty O’Doul’s search for the perfect margarita opened his eyes to the many other drink options for the key lime mix. Tired of the overly sweet options available on the market, he took to experimenting with a new sweetened lime juice that brought more punch to his signature bar drinks. With the help of his bartenders, he set out to concoct a new recipe which was codenamed the “keywest” project. The end result was a delicious sweet lime juice that brought a complex flavor profile to his drinks without sacrificing quality.

“Tart, Sweet & Unique Flavor”

Our Key West lime juice allows you to achieve the finest bartender quality results while not dealing with the hassle & cost of cutting and squeezing limes in your kitchen. We use only the finest Key West limes to bring you a not-to-sweet juice to complement your favorite cocktail.. Try it today and start enjoying a truly refreshing drink made by a celebrity for celebrities like you!