The Authentic Key Lime Margarita

Baseball legend, Lefty O’Doul enjoyed vacationing with his celebrity entourage in Mexico. There he experienced beautiful beaches while sipping delicious margaritas. After each trip, Lefty would return to his home and try to recreate that wonderful tasty margarita he had enjoyed so much.

“The Ultimate All Natural Key Lime Margarita”

After many failed attempts, Lefty returned to Mexico and charmed the locals of that beautiful country. They shared with him the lost art of the Mayan gods. The margarita connoisseur revealed that the secret was the sweet key lime. In essence the lime is the key. Blended together with sugar, local orange and fresh lemon juice…Muy Bueno! the legendary drink was born. Lefty began importing these secret ingredients and the world was introduced to our new taste sensation – the Lefty O’Doul’s Authentic Key Lime Margarita.