The Original Sweet & Sour Mix

Baseball legend, Lefty O’Douls creative genius didn’t start with his baseball career. He was a master of mixing flavors and enjoyed putting a fresh spin on cocktails both old and new. In his secret workshop underneath the old streets of San Francisco – the sounds of rattling trolley cars & overhead traffic brought about new ideas and concepts to be concocted and tasted. Lefty achieved the perfect balance of sweet lemons and pure sugar with his Sweet & Sour mix. It became a staple recipe at his restaurant bar and many fans asked for the recipe.

“Twenty Lemons in Every Bottle…”

Realizing his golden ratio of twenty lemons in a bottle could put many bartenders out of a job, he kept it secret and passed it down through generations of bartenders. The recipe may be old, but there is something quite new and refreshing aboutour flavors. Squeezing all natural lemon juice, we still break a juicer or two but it’s worth the effort to offer the finest quality sweet & sour mix to our fans. You haven’t had a Whiskey Sour or a Tom Collins unless you’ve tasted our lemons. Don’t forget a perfect sour lemon drop starts with premium lemons and we’ve got you covered. Lefty’s Sweet & Sour recipe is a home run!