The Pina Colada Tropical Mix

Baseball legend, Lefty O’Doul restaurant and bar in San Francisco was a popular haunt for many socialites, celebrities and movie stars, but popularity comes at a price! His bartenders where inundated with request for time consuming blended drinks that required the perfect amounts to ensure a delicious flavor. To keep up with the demand from his customers, Lefty headed to the one place where the locals knew how to make these refreshing tropical drinks – Hawaii.

“Summer Vacation in a Bottle”

His stay in the islands may have been brief, but the locals shared the spirit of aloha with him, teaching him that pineapples & coconuts were considered Ho`okupu or a “Gift from the land.” Hawaii’s rich soil still produces some of the finest pineapples available on the market and many say that their subtle sweet flavor is the best in the world. Our premium blend of pineapples and sweet coconut will save you time playing bartender in the kitchen and transport you to sandy white beaches and brilliant blue waters of Hawaii. Mahalo and enjoy your Vacation!!