The Zero Calorie Margarita Mix

Baseball legend, Lefty O’Doul enjoyed vacationing with his celebrity entourage in Mexico. There he experienced beautiful beaches while sipping delicious margaritas. On and off the field, Lefty strived to perfect his game with health conscious decisions. He wanted to enjoy his margaritas without adding the extra trips to the gym. After each trip, he would return home and try to recreate that wonderful tasty margarita with a few less calories.

“The BEST Zero Calorie Margarita”

Taking the advice of his gal pal Marilyn Monroe, he focused his attention on making a zero calorie margarita that catered to the everyday woman without counting calories. Lefty talked Marilyn into testing out this new concoction and he was so smitten with her delighted response that he named the drink “Marilyn’s Margarita Zero.” This new drink became all the rage with fans looking to stay skinny and gorgeous like their icon – Marilyn Monroe. The recipe has been passed down through generations of bartenders and the ingredients are still imported and blended to his specifications. You can try many margaritas, but you can’t stay skinny unless it’s a Margarita Zero!